As a bespoke production studio, professionals come to us for our myriad of unparalleled Italian materials and finishes and enjoy unmatched individualized service.

Our team of artisans come from all over Italy and have a lifetime of experience. Our artisans are family businesses with traditional values of dedicated elegance that have been passed down generation to generation.

At Selezione, our dedicated team oversees every project from concept to completion with high standards of artistry, technique, and finesse.

Through developing production drawings to quality control and throughout both production and installation, we work with a commitment to making the experience unmistakably personal. Our team is attentive and available making your experience easy and seamless.

From full-scale interiors to elevated furniture pieces, we treat each project like it’s the only one, with unsurpassed service.

Our Process

Full-scope + Full-service

our work process

Highly renowned designers share their visions with us because we partner with them to fabricate and build the most custom interiors. Everything from marble beds to ultra-luxurious closets and over-scaled exquisite furniture pieces - we do it all, and have demonstrated success. We only ask that you dream big - we take care of the rest!

Our extensive library of ultra-custom materials and master team of Italy’s finest artisans create limitless opportunities for innovative and expressive design.



Once the design vision is understood, a proposal is presented to bring the vision to life including materials, shipping, and installation. From here, we draft technical drawings and pull the desired materials and finishes from the Selezione library. At this stage, the client approves the commission and production begins!



Our operations & project managers work directly with our Italian team to oversee projects of all sizes. From custom pieces to full-scale interiors, our artisans work with uncompromising precision and intricacy to ensure the design immaculately matches the dream. All commissions are built, assembled, and inspected in Italy by our team. Once inspected & approved the commission is released for shipping.



Our team oversees White Glove delivery across the U.S. including rigorous quality checks prior to coordinating installation. Every item is installed by our dedicated team of experienced installers.

Once installed, the project is meticulously inspected and reviewed by our fitters as well as our operations and project managers to guarantee installations are beyond expectations. In this final stage, our work is complete and the commission is ready to be presented to the client!